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Mathematical, Physical and Natural Faculty of Science of Tunisia
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LPMC:Physics Laboratory of the Condensed Matter , FST-Tunisia.
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Electronic properties and the dependence of these properties with the dimension of the nanocristal is a crucial question
The three-dimensional containment of the electrons in crystallites very strongly ...
Dimensionality, the quantum optics and the systems
These research topics approached within Laboratory LPMC are in direct connection ...
conductive and superconductive group of low dimensionality
Research of the group is carried out around the quasi unidimensional, superconductive ...
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Cinquantenaire de l'Université Tunisienne
LPMC:Physics Laboratory of the Condensed Matter , FST-Tunisia.
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   Publications of the year 2008
1. Neila Zarrouk and Raouf Bennaceur
Estimates of cosmic radiation exposure on Tunisian passenger aircraft
Radiation Protction Dosimetry, pp. 1-8(2008)

2. B. Bellafi, S. Haddad, I. Sfar and S. Charfi-Kaddour
Inhomogeneous superconductivity in quasi-one dimentional organic conductors and ropes of carbon nanotubes
Physica B(2008)

3. T. Ben Nasr, N. Kamoun and C. Guasch
Physical properties of ZnS thin films prepared by chemical bath deposition
Applied Surface Science 254, 5039-5043(2008)

4. H. Beb Abdallah, R. Bennaceur
First-principles calculations of the electronic and optical properties of In6S7 compound
Physica B(2008)

5. N. Jabberi, M. M. Jebari, F. Saadallah, A. Tarrats-Saugnac, R. Bennaceur and J. P. Longuemard
Thermal affected zone obtained in maching steel XC42 by high-power continuous CO2 laser
Optics & Laser Technology 40, 864-873(2008)

6. N. Rachid, E. Ben Salem, S. Jaziri and R. Bennaceur
Magnetization for the spin-orbit strength evaluation in laterally coupled double quantum dots
Physica E(2008)

7. A.Benali and R. Bennaceur
Interplay between superconductivity and magnetism in organic conductors ?-(BEDT-TTF)2X
Physica B 403, 1124-1126(2008)

8. R. Charguia, H. Fenniche and R. Bennaceur
Dispersions of polariton and radiative decay rate in a quantum wire grating
Physica E 40, 770-778(2008)

9. Y. Turki-BenAli and R. Bennaceur
Excitonic complexes correlation energies in individual biased InAs/GaAs and InGaN/GaN quantum dots
Semicond. Sci. Technol. 23, 085025, 9pp(2008)

10. N. Jebbari, N. Kamoun, C. Guasch and R. Bennaceur
Structural properties of sprayed compound of ZnO/In(2-x) AlxS3/ CuIn(1-x) AlxS2 CELL
22nd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, 2346-2351(2008)


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LPMC:Physics Laboratory of the Condensed Matter , FST-Tunisia.
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