LPMC:Physics Laboratory of the Condensed Matter , FST-Tunisia.
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Mathematical, Physical and Natural Faculty of Science of Tunisia
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LPMC:Physics Laboratory of the Condensed Matter , FST-Tunisia.
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Electronic properties and the dependence of these properties with the dimension of the nanocristal is a crucial question
The three-dimensional containment of the electrons in crystallites very strongly ...
Dimensionality, the quantum optics and the systems
These research topics approached within Laboratory LPMC are in direct connection ...
conductive and superconductive group of low dimensionality
Research of the group is carried out around the quasi unidimensional, superconductive ...
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Our Partenary
Cinquantenaire de l'Université Tunisienne
LPMC:Physics Laboratory of the Condensed Matter , FST-Tunisia.
We are on the   19/06/2018

Bennaceur RaoufProfessor

  Researchers / Professors researchers

Bennaceur RaoufProfessor
Jaziri SihemProfessor
Kaddour Charfi SamiaProfessor
Kamoun NajouaProfessor
Eleuch Hichem Lecturer
Haddad SoniaLecturer
Ben Ali AliAssistant professor
Mandhour LassaadAssistant professor
Fennich HelaAssistant professor
Jebbari NeilaAssistant professor
Aouani NarjessAssistant professor
Khabthani JoudaAssistant professor
Rabhi AzizAssistant professor
Ben Salem EmnaAssistant professor
Ben Nasr TarekAssistant professor
Jerbi Sfar ImenAssistant professor
Abbassi HendaAssistant professor
Turki Ben Ali YosrAssistant professor
Ben Chouikha WiemAssistant
Meddeb DorsafAssistant
Ben Abdallah HoudaAssistant
Triki Sellami MounaAssistant
Charguia RaihaneAssistant
Kamoun Allouche NorheneAssistant


Akkari AnisStudent in Thesis
Bellafi BesmaStudent in Thesis
Kaouna AmelStudent in Thesis
Lakhoua AhmadStudent in Thesis
Mhenni MondherStudent in Master's
Rachid NaderStudent in Thesis
Zarrouk NeilaStudent in Thesis
Kaddour WafaStudent in Master's
Daboussi SamehStudent in Master's
Aijili Mejda Student in Master's
Ridene MohamedStudent in Master's
Ayachi AfefStudent in Master's
Daboussi AmeniStudent in Master's

  Documentation / Library

Jouini ImenDocumentalist
Khedher NajouaTechnician of lab

LPMC:Physics Laboratory of the Condensed Matter , FST-Tunisia.
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